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Life Coaching

Lisa Curtis

Lisa Curtis
Certified Life Coach & Theta Healer

If you are looking to get unstuck in your personal and/or professional life, Lisa helps you find and release the root cause of whatever is holding you back. With this new clarity and freedom, she will then help you establish an attainable game plan to start living a life with passion, purpose and meaning. When your beliefs and actions are in alignment, only then will you achieve the results you want!

What to Expect 
Meetings with Lisa can take place at her condo in Montreal, privately booked rooms in public workspaces, over the phone or via Skype. All discussions are confidential. Sessions are typically 1 hour in length, excluding her “Journey” visualization sessions, which take up to 90 minutes. The length of the coaching program is personalized for your needs. The pace is completely up to you, however you will start to see and feel results within one month.

About Lisa 
Lisa’s practice was inspired and developed around her own life experiences and desire to help others. She coaches people who have a goal (whether it be personal or professional) that they’re passionate about reaching, but they just don’t know how to get there or they don’t have the confidence or motivation to get the ball rolling. We all need help sometimes, and she is here to guide you in the direction of your life passion, purpose and meaning – all the good stuff that you deserve! Lisa loves incorporating energy work, meditation and visualizations into her sessions along with carefully designed workbooks built to dig deep and clear whatever is blocking you from living your full potential.

Email: hello@lisacurtis.co

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