Tarot Card Reading

Bex Adel

Rebecca (Bex) Adel 
Medium & Tarot 

Through the use of tarot cards, Rebecca intuitively taps into the meaning of the cards that arise vs. their position in the spread(s) to provide you with messages and the aligned guidance needed to take steps towards the path of your highest good. Get answers to the questions that you need. 

60-minute tarot readings can take place in-person or remotely, and 20-minute readings solely take place remotely. In-person readings take place in Rebecca's home in Little Italy (near metro Beaubien), and remote readings take place via Zoom.us, Skype or traditional phone call. All readings are 100% confidential. 

Whether the reading is in-person or online, there is no difference in the quality or accuracy of the reading. The universe is limitless, and so is the energy of remote sessions — all that’s needed is verbal permission to access your energy for your greatest and highest good. 

How it works
60-minute readings start off with the Celtic Cross spread to get an overall understanding of what's going on in your life, what your focus is (or what it should be), and all of the intricacies that play into your current situation. From there, we can pull cards from multiple decks (tarot and oracle) to receive answers for any other questions you might have. 

20-minute readings, you choose a focus for the reading: relationships, career or overall guidance.

To confirm your scheduled appointment, the payment must be completed within 48 hours of booking.

About Rebecca 
Rebecca is the mother of The Visionaries, medium and tarot card reader. Her mission is to share her spiritual experiences and learnings with others and to help guide them to live a more aligned life filled with love, abundance, and magic. Her intention with The Visionaries is to create a safe, creative and open environment for expressing spirituality and encouraging personal growth in everyday life.