Reiki Balancing

A source of natural healing, chakra balancing cleanses stagnant and emotional blockages which allows the body to self heal and take steps towards finding our soul's purpose.

Specialized Kinesiology

Specialized Kinesiology balances the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, biochemical and spiritual aspects of the body. Amanda primarily use a Neural Organization Technique combined with Touch For Health.


Leadership Coaching

Experience massive hyper-growth to find confidence, strength, courage, direction, and pursue goals that beforehand were buried below doubt and questioning, from a place of trusting your own knowing.

Life Coaching

Regardless of how equipped we may be to deal with the ups and downs life has in store for us, we all could use some guidance from those who have travelled the roads we find ourselves on before us. 

Spiritual Guidance

Tap into the deeper meaning informing the literal events of your life, allowing you to find purpose, fulfillment and connection amid the seemingly random events occurring.